Stories Carry Themselves Out

Sometimes, when writing a story, everything can be going great, until I reach the middle. I don’t know what it is about that gosh-forsaken middle, but I always seem to struggle at that point.

I’ve heard a lot of writers say that the first part of writing a novel is the “honeymoon period.” After that, the love dwindles away gradually, which I’ve experienced, unfortunately, too many times. Of course, commitment is what carries us to the end.

Insecurity can also play a big role. We can start with this amazing idea we’re sure a lot of people will like, but time passes and there are storms along the way. We find our idea has already been done, a younger writer with more experience, that our writing sucks, that our idea is “crap,” etc.

But in all honesty, for the most part, I feel these are just excuses to quit writing. We put too much pressure on ourselves to make everything perfect, to satisfy the reader when all we need to do is satisfy ourselves… and the story. Sometimes it’s not as hard as it seems; at a certain point, the story basically carries itself out. What is left for us to do as writers is… well, write. To give it little pushes along the way.

Just remember that stress can definitely cloud our vision and halt our creative juices. Relax, write like no one’s reading, and let the story do its own thing!


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